Music: US Royalty’s Blue Sunshine

US Royalty is in great form on “Blue Sunshine”. The band delivers with shrilling vocals and searing guitar riffs on “Lady In Waiting”, and blistering ballads throughout, like on “Slow Magic” and the epic title track. Raised on the Blues and influenced from Fleetwood Mac, US Royalty stays true to its roots on “Into The Thicket”. Ballads are meant for sharing and singing along with and this album demands both.

Blue Sunshine

My first experience hearing the band was on a date in Manhattan during a tour of theirs a couple years ago. The band was playing in an extremely cozy, i.e. small bar in Chinatown. The bar’s name escapes me, but the band’s sound and presence did not.

U.S. Royalty hails from Washington D.C. where they record under an Independent label. They’re classified as an Indie Rock band, but they feel more like a 70s rock-and-roll band to me. Rock music should feel like this today.

Outstanding are the lyrical musings on love, friendship, family and a man chasing his dream. Like US Royalty chasing theirs, music fans should be rushing to purchase their records and seeing their live concerts. You won’t disappointed. The only criticism is that they sound much like Fleetwood Mac at times, if that could count as criticism.

“I was caught in the heat of the moment,” like the band poeticizes in the title track Blue Sunshine, “As if paralyzed…brought down by my own affections…trying to hide this love inside” After buying a record or seeing them live, you won’t be able to hide your love for this band.

Learn more about the band here: US Royalty Music. As a plus, they mentioned listening to Sturgill Simpson’s new record, which I reviewed here: Amescalito’s Sturgill Simpson Review.

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