Unconventional Guide: Suicide Terrorism

The attacks on Paris that left over 100 dead and wounded are a visceral reminder of the terrorist threat many nations face. Whether it’s ISIS, Al Qaeda, other organizations, or simply individuals “inspired” to commit acts of suicide terrorism against innocent civilians one must make an attempt to understand their motives.

When a detective investigates a murder, the one question they always try to answer is why that individual murdered the victim. Nations and their electorate must try to find that motive, however insane it may be. After all, to attack innocent civilians for any reason is not what sane people do.

Many current and former military personnel, scholars, and foreign policy experts have talked about the reasons why these groups are motivated to kill themselves while attacking the US and other nations.Although many individuals believe that the only reasons terrorists attack us is because we’re “rich’ and we’re “free”, under any intellectual scrutiny, that premise fails to hold water.

A former head of the CIA’s bin-Laden unit, Michael Scheuer,is explicit when he talks about the motivations of these crazed individuals and it’s not because of our culture. His view is that the terrorists attack the US and other countries because our militaries have been covertly and overtly bombing and taking military actions in “their” countries. They view the US and its allies as crusaders coming to change their way of life. Many others back his theory.

Other CIA analysts have coined the term “blowback” to describe these terrorists attacks. They purport that our military actions around the world, especially the Middle East, have consequences that have been starting to bear fruit. The most recent Paris attacks for Parisians and the World Center attack for Americans come to mind.

The below articles trace the genesis of ISIS and other terrorist groups, explore their motivations, and present potential solutions to the current state of terrorism.

  1. The Most Important Questions About ISIS Nobody is Asking — Zerohedge
  2. How Islamic Extremism was Born — Salon
  3. Blowback: The Washington War Party’s Folly Comes Homes to Roost — David Stockman
  4. Homicidal Madness on Friday the 13th — Eric Margolis
  5. The Islamic Caliphate Holy Warriors are Rapidly Increasing — Jack D. Douglas
  6. Mindless Terrorists? The Truth is Much Worse — Scott Atran
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  8. How the US Fueled the Rise of ISIS in Syria and Iraq — Guardian
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  11. Have Nothing to Do With Conquest — Michael Scheuer
  12. Imperial Hubris — Michael Scheuer
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